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What we do, and more importantly, what we don't. 

  • What maintenance services do you provide?
    We provide regular routine maintenance on saltwater reef, and freshwater planted aquarium systems. We do not provide one time cleanings. Aquariums need regular maintenance, and properly setup systems in order to provide the inhabitants with the healthiest enviroment possible, and to keep the aquarium looking its best at all times. This includes cleaning the aquarium, and maintaining all components of the aquarium system. We provide all products and media for the aquariums. We also provide livestock, food, and any supplements the aquarium or its inhabitants need. After an initial consultation, we will setup a maintenance contract with you, and provide on-going service to keep your aquarium maintained to ensure the best long term results for your system.
  • Do you only do saltwater reef and freshwater planted aquariums?
    Yes. Both saltwater reef and freshwater planted aquariums provide the most biologically stable ecosystem available for your inhabitants. Using a natural approach also looks much better. Artificial inserts, decorations, and plants simply look fake. They also degrade with time, require vigorous manual or chemical cleaning, and eventually need to be replaced.
  • Can you maintain my current aquarium setup?
    Yes. However, we will need to evaluate your system beforehand and see if any changes/upgrades are needed to be made to have it run optimally.
  • What is involved in your method/system?
    We only use high quality components combined with routine maintenance to provide a first class system for our clients. We are always try to stay on the cutting edge of whats available and keep your system up to date with the latest technology out thier. Because we are dealing with nature, there is not an exact science for setting up an aquarium system. However our years of experience in the field have provided us with the insight in developing a method for creating an ecosystem that will provide you with the most success and minimize issues that may arise. All of our systems include digital monitoring and cloud based control for us to keep track of your aquarium even when we are offsite.
  • I want a custom aquarium, what does this involve?"
    Rockstar Aquarium Service is your complete source for designing, installing, and maintaining your custom saltwater reef of freshwater planted aquarium. A custom aquarium can add years if not decades of enjoyment to your residence or office. However, custom aquariums are a much more involved process then buying an off-the-shelf aquarium and setup. Because every custom system is vastly different, it is best to contact us to inquire about your project. While we will be able to answer some initial questions for you, the actual design and planning process for a custom setup is quite involved and will be subject to a consultation fee.
  • Do you sell custom aquariums directly to hobbyist/consumers?
    No we do not. We only do custom aquariums with designing, installing, and maintaining the aquarium afterward in the greater Reno Nevada area.
  • Do you have a storefront location?
    No, we are not a retail outlet, and do not have a storefront that you can purchase anything from us. However, we do provide all equipment, products, and livestock for our clients that have maintenance contracts.
  • Do you fix an aquariums that are leaking?
    No, we do not provide this service outside of our clientele as it is a massive liability. If you are a client, and have a custom aquarium provided by us, then we will be able to have a repaired or replaced subject to the manufacturers warranty.

Billing, Pricing, & availability

Payments Accepted

We accept check, cash, and credit card payments. Credit card payments are only accepted for established customers and subject to a processing fee. 

Service pricing

All aquarium systems can vary drastically from size, accessibility, filtration, and service location. Because of this we can not accurately give a pricing without a in person consultation. 


Being the only truly custom aquarium service in the area, our availability changes from time to time. Please call to inquire if we currently have availability for your project.  

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